What can you expect from a massage session?


Obviously I need to know what you want or need from your massage so, before each session I will take some information from you.  At the first session I will need a little longer to take some general information about your health, lifestyle, massage preferences etc.  All information provided is totally confidential – it is used to agree a massage plan to ensure you get the maximum benefit from each session.

The Massage

This will be as agreed during the consultation and will  usually involve a variety of techniques depending on your requirements at that particular session.  Your treatment may include long, relaxing strokes, focused deep tissue massage, muscle stretches, myofascial release and  joint mobilisation – or even all of the above!  If I feel that you may benefit from something not previously agreed, e.g. moving to a different area, I will again seek your permission.

During the massage I will, from time to time, check with you that the pressure is right for you – but you do not need to wait to be asked!  Just tell me if you want me to go deeper or lighten the pressure – it is your massage – you are in control.


After your massage we will have a further chat (and a nice hydrating glass of water!) and discuss how the massage was for you.  This discussion may also include aftercare, e.g. stretches or relaxation techniques, how you may feel over the next hours or days and possible future treatments.

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