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It seems logical to me that massage is probably as old as humankind.  Touching and holding an area that hurts is instinctive – we do it to ourselves when we hurt and we do it to others when they hurt – it is natural.  From this innate act the seeds of massage grew and, as anatomical and physiological knowledge grew also, various styles and methods of massage developed and are still developing today.

My Massage

I offer personally tailored massage therapies designed around each of my client’s needs to:

  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Increase mobility
  • Aid relaxation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote well-being
  • Treat specific conditions

I use a variety of techniques to provide what my client needs on that particular day.  A treatment may include long, relaxing strokes, focused deep tissue massage, muscle stretches, myofascial release and  joint mobilisation (or even all of the above) – all following consultation, discussion and agreement.

Benefits of Massage

It is difficult to overstate the benefits that massage can bring.   At the very least, it can give temporary relaxation to an area of the body and/or the mind.

However it is much more powerful than that.  Musculoskeletal problems are commonly treated directly by massage while, perhaps less obviously, anxiety, stress and other emotional problems can be treated with equal success.

Sadly many of us only pay attention to our bodies when they hurt.  Massage can give many benefits to the whole body both as treatment and prevention.

The following are just a few examples of how massage can help specific body areas.

Back, Shoulders and Neck

These are areas where many people hold a lot of tension.  The back supports us, lets us move and protects our vital organs with its bone and muscle structure.  It is big, we demand a lot from it and often mistreat it through poor posture, badly executed movement and sedentary lifestyles.  Its sheer size and the fact that it links all the other parts of our body together means that back massage is particularly effective.

Shoulders are very complex joints capable of a wide range of movements – so important for almost everything we do and of course our neck supports the not inconsiderable weight of our head – hardly surprising that it hurts from time to time!

A back, shoulder and neck massage is probably the most requested treatment of a massage therapist – with very good reason.

Legs and Feet

Standing, walking, running, exercise – our leg muscles do it all.  Deep tissue work can be performed on the big leg muscles in the thighs and calves to relieve tension whilst other techniques including percussion can be revitalising and refreshing.

Our feet contain many nerve endings so are particularly sensitive which considering that they hold and move our full weight for hours on end is quite extraordinary.  A foot massage can have a very relaxing effect in a relatively short time making it a good option for a massage when time is limited.

Arms and Hands

The arms are over-worked and neglected by most of us.  They have complex uses – from carrying heavy shopping to holding a baby, from protecting ourselves to expressing ourselves.

Arms can be tight from overuse/misuse or tense for emotional reasons and therefore massage can have multiple benefits.
Like feet, hands contain many nerve endings so a good hand massage can have an overall soothing and relaxing effect.


The front of the body – chest and abdomen – is probably the least massaged area of the body.  It can be a vulnerable area so I take particular care to seek permission when massaging the torso.

The chest protects our heart and lungs and tension in this area can affect breathing, therefore relaxing these muscles can be beneficial to anyone suffering from respiratory disorders.

Massaging the lower abdomen gently in a clockwise direction can greatly benefit the digestive system.

Stress and Anxiety

We all get stressed – it a part of life and necessary for survival.  However modern lifestyles can, and do in so many of us, cause chronic stress which can have a serious impact on our physical, mental and emotional health.  Massage can be very beneficial in relieving many of the symptoms of stress.

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